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Women Who Are Killing It in the Dropshipping Industry

The dropshipping industry is one of the largest industries in the modern world—and it’s the women in this industry who are changing it forever with their innovative techniques and drive to improve the way that dropshipping is used around the world. Let’s take a closer look at the women dropshipping merchants who are truly “killing it” in the dropshipping industry today.

What is Dropshipping?

First, let’s clarify what exactly is meant by “dropshipping.” For those not in the know, dropshipping is a type of retail fulfillment where the store selling various products doesn’t actually keep them in stock. Instead, it purchases the product from a third party; that third party will then ship it directly to the customer. With dropshipping, the store or merchant never actually handles or even sees the product they are selling. They merely order products as needed from their third party, who takes care of the rest.

Women Dropshipping: Notable Entrepreneurs

Women dropshipping merchants are truly changing the dropshipping game, and it’s no wonder that the hardworking women on this list have made a name for themselves in the dropshipping industry. The following are 4 women dropshipping merchants who are truly excelling when it comes to changing the way merchants sell their products and the way that consumers receive them.


Julie of BeActiveWear is a passionate designer who specializes in custom-designed sportswear, outwear, tops, bottoms and even innerwear. Julie’s brand, BeActiveWear, is 100% Australian owned and operated, making it a truly unique standout in the business.

Jean-Pierre Klifa

Jean of Jean-Pierre Klifa is a fashion designer who has created a truly unique fashion brand that does much more than sell clothes and other fashion designs: Jean has made her brand an in-between for numerous other businesses that leverage her own inventory. Her business can take enquiries for everything from wholesale purchases to distributors and even shipping.

The Crybaby Club

Natalie Meagan of The Crybaby Club is the founder of this unique business that offers pins, mugs shirts and more. The Crybaby Club has greatly benefited from using dropshipping marketing scheme thanks to the benefits of saving on upfront and inventory storage costs, which are both eliminated when the dropship method is utilized.

Lash Stuff

Jess Phillip of Lash Stuff has benefited from an increasing demand from her products, which are exclusively available through her online shop. Lash Stuff currently offers over 16 different lines of eyelash extensions, eye lash accessories, and even phone cases, pillows and clothing. The dropshipping method allows Phillip to create numerous lines of products that provide consumers with a wider range of options, all thanks to the benefits of dropshipping for merchants.

Final Thoughts

The many benefits of using the dropshipping method have brought entrepreneurs from all over the world into the fold. The above women are just a selection of the many innovative women dropshipping merchants who are taking advantage of dropshipping to create their own shops that offer unique and high quality products lines which are popular around the world.

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